High Pressure Car Washer Household Portable Car Cleaning Tools

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Polishing Grinding Sharpener mini Abrasive Belt Polisher Power Tool Small Belt Machine Novice Polisher Grinding Metal Machine



1*Please explicitly connect 220v power supply or 380v power supply according to the reserved power cable. For the first time, the 380v power supply needs to be tested for forward and reverse.

2* Before starting the switch, please manually run the belt for a few turns to check whether the belt is deflected to one side. If there is deflection, turn the belt adjustment handle slightly to adjust the deviation. The power can be turned on after running smoothly.

3* During the grinding process, please be sure to isolate the inverter from the belt machine. Avoid metal particles falling into the inverter and cause malfunction. Pay special attention to this point!


Rated voltage: 220v

Rated power: 1500w

Rated voltage range: AC three-phase 440V or more

Frequency: 50HZ

Belt size; 915X50m

Motor speed: 2800r/min

Line speed: 22m/s

Type: Small polishing machine

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